Thursday, March 27, 2014

That morning mug - Green Kukicha Organic

I'm dealing with some issues at work, and we have what we call a SWAT team going. Conference calls first thing in the morning have become the norm. Fortunately, I'm lucky enough to be able to work remotely when needed,so most mornings my portion of that conference call takes place from the comfy chair while I'm in my jammies, accompanied by a kitty and a mug of tea.

This morning, the mug was Green Kukicha Organic from Deckan Coffee Company.

The tea itself is traditionally a "farmer's tea", and it's made up of the stem and twig pieces, as well as some leaves, which is very different from most other teas as it has the parts that you normally don't see in your tea. Usually, you just get the leaves. After doing a little more research, this tea is generally lower in caffeine, so perhaps not the best tea for in the morning, but it would be nice as an afternoon or evening tea.

One thing I like about this tea is how clear it brews up, although it doesn't look it today. My mug looks smeary to me. It's nice and light, yellowy in color. The flavor is almost creamy, but very green and vegetable. It isn't astringent at all, which is very nice. It's easy drinking, fresh flavored. If you can find a version of this tea, I highly suggest at least trying it.

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