Sunday, March 23, 2014

No Caffeine and a Mitten Sort of Feel - Torch Lake Berry Organic Herbal Blend

My husband, the best ever, has been doing a lot of work in the house reorganizing everything in our bedroom, which is stirring up a lot of dust and whatnot. Of course, it's sent my allergies and asthma into overdrive. After multiple spats of bronchospasms, my throat is feeling a little scratchy.

Of course, this calls for some tea; however, I really need to not have any more caffeine tonight.

Into my cupboard I dove, looking for something that would hit the spot. I found a great local herbal blend, Torch Lake Berry Organic. Torch Lake, in the northern Lower Peninsula, is Michigan's largest inland lake. It's a beautiful area. This tea is actually a rooibos blend with lots of fruit to it. It's pleasantly tart from cranberry, but still just a touch sweet. The online description does not list strawberries as being among its ingredients, but I am fairly certain they are in it. It's actually almost too tart tonight, but I hesitate to add any sugar to it.

It's a beautiful deep reddish color in my mug, although I'm sorry to say I won't be posting a picture. I'm enjoying it in a dimly lit room that is not being photograph friendly. Maybe I'll update this post a different time with a picture.

I actually would like to try this one as an iced tea, but that's not happening tonight, either.

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