Friday, March 21, 2014

In the beginning...there was tea

So after my husband started making fun of me about how into tea I've been getting and calling me The Teaminator, and then telling me I needed to start a blog, I joked about it with him for a while, but I didn't take him seriously. And then I started thinking about it a little more seriously. Why not? Why not share my journey with other people? I still feel like I'm just starting out.

So where did I start? I was drinking tea bags at work. The Bigelow green tea is what they were stocking. It's not bad for bagged tea, but it was leaps and bounds better than Lipton black, oversteeped and nasty. So I experimented, started following the directions on the bag. It was a lot better than it had been.

pinchy tea steeper. It works, but not for better quality teas
(photo from Amazon)
Then there was a tea seller at the local farm market. I bought some tea, and a little pinchy tea steeper.  I quickly replaced the pinchy steeper with an awesome Curve steeper mug from ForLife which worked better. And I bought some loose teas on Amazon. It was a start. It was my start.

I found a local company was selling loose tea at my grocery store. Cool. They had some similar teas to ones that I'd bought on Amazon, so I tried these. I liked some better, some worse, but they were lower cost. I started trying other teas they were selling. I liked what I was trying.
This is now my go to mug. Love it. (photo from ForLife)

So now here I am. I've just started buying teas off the internet, some shipping from China, some from Japan. I'm trying different things than I ever tried before: new methods of brewing, new styles of tea, new equipment.

And this blog, it will be the story of my journey.

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